How to Win at Betting – 97% Win Rate Guide Or Money Back Review

Gambling on sport has many followers worldwide and is enjoyed by millions of people. The likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City have the highest concentration of people that place bets on a variety of sporting events. Sports fans gather in dark spirits before games to place their wagers on what they are certain is going to happen, rather than what the Coverage Syndicate System (CSS) insider heart tells them to bet on. Why do they do that? Simply because emotionally they have very murky thoughts running in their minds. Personally, a lot of bettors can barely pick a side. They are so uncertain as to whether they should bet on their real favourite teams or the opposition. That uncertainty is exactly what the bookmakers love.

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Emotionally gamblers are much more susceptible to being swayed byinformation over the internet. And in particular many bettors will gladly give away valuable information like the percentage of winning from the odds they are offering. Information like this can be very easily distributed by the many smaller number of companies who are in a market to make a profit. Sometimes information that might not be discoverable wont ever be, not if the information is flawed or incomplete.

  • James Jones, a former bookmaker said “You can’t beat the bookies at it. If everyone stood up and joined in, the book would have no profit and no market”. This statement really rings true in the betting world.popular betting information all over the web is heavily promoted by the many large bookmakers as some kind of secret process to winning. The reality is that thebookmakers are masters at creating and manipulating the information we see on the web, to seed confusion and hinder real competition in the markets.
  • Chris Castell has proved this conclusively with his incidents of verifying different information from different online bookmakers. Most of the information on betting on the web is heavily flawed, misleading or both. Should you decide to utilise a particular strategy or system, at least make sure you first verify the veracity of the information from multiple online bookmakers and bettors, just in case you disagree with something.

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All betting on sport should be treated as a business. As all businesses are, bookmakers will do what it takes to make a profit.Should you wish to make money from betting in the UK sports markets, you will need to obtain your betting information from an independent source.

One of the many betting information sources I know which I have been using for many years now. Whilst not technically all of the information reflects the genuine opinions of the eBook, as the website includes highly appealing odds, there will almost certainly be an element of truth in what they reveal.

Certain markets in particular such as football tend to have a high number of distinct betting information sources. With the demand for statistics on sport events there is a great need to provide betting information to satisfy this demand and so the bookmakers will often